With MVG Chat, you can instantly connect to all gamers on our site. Teams have the ability to organize open groups, password protected groups or invite only groups where they can stay connected to eachother from our site to our app.
Within your groups you can share files, images, videos and even collaborate in real time on documents, whiteboards and screen sharing.

Private Groups


MVG Chat allows you to call your teammates to discuss your strategies free of charge. You can instantly connect to any member on our site through a standard vocie call or an HD video call. This feature can also be used in a group setting so that multiple players can connect to one another in real time. It doesn`t matter if a player is using the chat on our site or on the app because you are always connected to one another.

Private Groups


Audio/Video Conference

For those more personal or professional conversations, multiple users can now chat face to face using the Audio/Video Conference feature.

Audio/Video Broadcast

The new Audio/Video Broadcast feature lets you engage with all users on the site instantaneously.

Audio/Video Chat

Have one on one Audio/Video conversation! This feature uses webRTC for high quality video chat.

Tab Swipe

Users can now conveniently swipe views in the tab layout and smoothly navigate laterally.

Voice Note

Whisper, sing or shout. Let your users leave personalized messages in their own voice.

Share Photos

Share photos with other users with a single click.

Share Videos

Share the live action videos with friends using this amazing feature.


Users can share thoughts by drawing on a collaborative whiteboard.

Share and Receive Files

All types of files can be delivered directly with the MVG Chat app.


Users can collaborate together with the help of the Writeboard plugin.

Real-time Translation

Translate conversations in real-time and enable users to chat from around the world.

Is Typing

Keep your chat responsive & clutter free, users can now see a 'typing...' message when someone is typing a response on chat.

Push Notifications

Get notifications even when MVG Chat is not running.

Notification Control

Are notifications disturbing you in an important meeting? Choose to get notified using sound and/or vibration or not get notified at all.

Smiley Keyboard

A new collection of smileys to express yourself better and keep the fun going.


When smileys get too mainstream, use our gorgeous Stickers to brighten up your chat conversations.

Block/Unblock Users

Stop a contact from messaging or invading your personal space by blocking them.

Load Earlier Messgages

Users can view all older messages by simply clicking on the "Load Earlier Messages" bar.

Multiple Chatroom

Users can create, join, chat on multiple chatrooms simultaneously and enjoy group chatting.

Report Conversation

Report any inappropriate conversation to the administrator.


View announcements and stay up-to-date with the latest happenings.

Invite Phone Contacts via SMS

Users can now conveniently swipe views in the tab layout and smoothly navigate laterally.

Performance Enhancements

Minimimal network usage and battery consumption.

View User Profiles

View the profile and more details of other users directly from the app!